10 July 2017


I've been thinking about this topic for a while now, especially after discussions with friends about film. There would come a time, during the conversation, that a film would be brought up and I inevitably have to confess that I haven't actually seen the classic/hit/epic/box office bonanza (delete as you will).

So I've decided to confess my sins and broadcast my list of flms that I have yet to see. I'm sure I will eventually get around to watching these, one day, but time will tell. Here are my top 5 films that are still in my To Do list...


The Graduate (1967)
 I always get this when discussing films with my family, the surprise of me not ever seeing The Graduate. I know of it and I know the plot somewhat, but have never settled down to watch it. Does it count if I've seen The Simpsons take on it? No? Ok, moving on.

Living Dead Series (inc. Night of the Living Dead [1968] 
and Dawn of the Dead [1978])  
At least a few people are surprised when I inform them I've never watched the George A. Romero classics. What can I say? I'm not too fond of the zombie subgenre, for some reason I get a repetitive vibe from them - more so than any other horror subgenres (apart from gore films, just pick an original concept already).

 Jurassic Park (1993)
Now we're moving onto 'shocked faces in response' territory. I don't know why, but the film has just never appealed to me. Maybe the true setting to watch this film was in a darkened cinema, with no clue when the dinosaurs were to attack. Though, if it were to ever be re-released cinemas, I doubt I'd venture out. Never say never, however.


Star Wars Series (1977 onwards)
Yes, that's right - I've never watched a single Star Wars film. Unless you count Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and I know most fans don't even acknowledge it, never mind it counting. I get a lot of head-shakes when I mention that I've never got into the hype of the series. Although, to be fair on me, someone did excuse me due to it not being of my era. That's the excuse I will forever use, anyway.

Aliens (1986)
This is the number 1 film that gets the most stunned reactions from. People normally exclaim in shock that I've never seen 'the best sequel everrrrrr!' I have watched Alien (1979) but have never graduated on past it. This, of all the films listed here, does make me wince that I've never managed to catch it. It is the one film I'm determined to watch one day (though it was on TV recently, and I still didn't sit down to watch. Oops).


So there you have it folks, my true confessions of a 'movie fan'. Maybe this time next year, I'll be able to say I've watched the majority of these listed here (or maybe I'll end up adding to this list). There are probably more movies I could have listed, but these were the ones that stuck in my mind, with having most reactions to. Any movie that you haven't watched, that people tease you about? Please let me know and we can share our shame.

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