10 July 2017


I've been thinking about this topic for a while now, especially after discussions with friends about film. There would come a time, during the conversation, that a film would be brought up and I inevitably have to confess that I haven't actually seen the classic/hit/epic/box office bonanza (delete as you will).

So I've decided to confess my sins and broadcast my list of flms that I have yet to see. I'm sure I will eventually get around to watching these, one day, but time will tell. Here are my top 5 films that are still in my To Do list...

30 December 2016

2016: In Memoriam

2016: a year that took so many. And a lot of those were highly regarded public figures in the spotlight. I wanted to put together a small something to reflect on some of the many talent that was lost during this difficult year.

31 October 2016

You Forgot The First Rule Of Remakes, Jill. Don't F*** With The Original.

I've been wanting to look at movie remakes for a while now but hadn't found the right opportunity, until it presented itself to me under the guise of horror films. I've always had a resistance to watching a remake/reboot for the reason that Hollywood seems to be rehashing fan favourites left, right and centre instead of focusing on developing new, original ideas. An easy option, Hollywood now even seems intent on remaking films that have only been released within the last 5 years, not giving the audience time to view the original and remake as two different entities. Something everyone is so very much aware of, even movies themselves are mocking this inability as demonstrated by the title of this article, which can be heard in Scream 4. Lately however, I've been more open to the concept and willing to give a remake a chance. Turns out, this is not always a good idea as you will see with the films I have chosen to look at....

20 July 2016

Little Gems Vol. 2

Anton Yelchin Edition

As was the case with the first volume of this series, I am going to talk about those obscure films I've happened to stumble upon after becoming intrigued by an actor's body of work. This volume is going to centre upon the works of Anton Yelchin. Yelchin, as mentioned in the previous post, was an actor who was able to portray a wide-variety of roles and in celebration of his life and work, I'm going to focus on the roles that stand out. Even though I am fond of Yelchin's appearances in the many big blockbusters/popcorn movies that he made, I'm going to feature the films that are not necessarily that well-known to an everday viewer; the films that took my breath away due to the actors' performances, rather than those centered on big action sequences and plot devices.

28 June 2016

Gone Too Soon

''If there's one thing I want you guys to walk away with tonight... uh, it's that you guys don't need me. I really mean it. You think I'm any less screwed up than you are? I get up every morning, and I look in the mirror, and I try and figure out just where I fit in. And I draw a complete blank. You guys are looking to me to tell you what to do? You need to stop listening to me. Stop listening to people telling you who you should be! And stop listening to the people who are telling you you're not good enough to do the things that you want to do. You guys have all the answers.'' - Charlie Bartlett


19 October 2015

Movie Adaptations Part 2 Vol. 2

So on to my second part of comparing and contrasting the Harry Potter books alongside the films. In the last article, I looked at Films 1-4 and now I will look at films 5-8 more closely and reach my conclusion. Please note, spoilers are bound to pop up so enter if you've either seen/read each Harry Potter, or you know, you just don't care getting spoiled...

23 September 2015

Movie Adaptations Part 2 Vol.1

For the second installment of the above topic, I am again going to look at books being made into films but this time on a broader scale. Which is why I've chosen the Harry Potter series to look at. This came about due to my upcoming visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, discussions with a friend and my recent re-reading of a few of the books. All of which led me to think about the films - the things they got right, and the things they got ever so wrong. So I thought I'd look at a group of the books and compare and contrast with each film over the course of two articles. Everybody has an opinion on each book and the films and now I'm going to share mine.

Harry Potter - An Overview:
A brief background of the series for those of you who have been living under a rock these past 18 years, Harry Potter is about a boy who is mistreated by the aunt and uncle who are his legal guardians after his parents were killed. At the start of the series, Harry is blissfully unaware how much his life is going to turn upside down over the course of the books. And yes 'blissfully' is probably too strong a word in the positive sense after the way his family abuses him so the audience is overjoyed when Harry is able to escape, after being told he's a wizard and that he's actually pretty famous in the wizarding world thanks to defeating a dark evil psychopath when he was a baby. The books chronicle Harry's acceptance into the fact that he's just been told this life-changing news and his dealings with the evil wizard's rise to power once again all while trying to survive school. It's a basic Good v.s. Evil concept, something that's done before but here it is craftfully done over seven books, each one evidently thought out well in advance.
  Got it? Good, onto the books and the film counterparts....