19 February 2013

What An Appropriate Title

Bullet to the Head - Sylvester Stallone Double Sided Movie Poster
Bullet to the...
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Well, what can I say about this film? I originally saw Bullet To The Head at the cinema, after someone dragged me along to see it. All I can think is that I must have offended the person I was with in the past for them to make me suffer at the hands of this film. There have been very few times when I've nearly walked out of a cinema due to the atrocity showing on the big screen, this being up there. I guess I'll start at the beginning, since that seems logical. The film opens up on a black and white sequence that the audience later finds to be a flashback. First, if that wasn't a cliched film technique then I don't know what is. Second, it was filmed in a way that would have been more suitable in an 80s Rap music video-slow motion with jagged cuts along with the aforementioned black and white technique. Yes, I get it-throwback to 80s action films especially with Stallone starring but other movies have managed it without being so obvious.
Next up are the actors-I've already mentioned Stallone. I don't think there's a Stallone-starring film out there that should be taken seriously so I guess it is my fault for going to see it. But really, that's no excuse for his mumbling-I was straining to understand him. It was also no excuse for his co-star Sung Kang, whose acting was painful to watch. Christian Slater also pops up as a sidekick to the main villain, shouting his way through all of his lines, giving Al Pacino a run for his money (and no, not in a good way).
I would comment on Jason Momoa's turn as the henchman to the villain but since he seemed to be there purely for muscle, I forgot most of his performance. Maybe the fact that I fell asleep towards the end explains my amnesia (something I haven't done since I was a toddler)
The storyline is a basic plot that has been seen over and over in films-man has daughter who gets kidnapped, man goes after bad guys for revenge. Daughter falls for the older man's younger partner. That was it. Whereas in other films the plot gets fleshed out, here it stays the simple premise as noted above.
   I don't think I have ever left the cinema faster than I did after watching Bullet To The Head. I give this film 2 out of 5 **

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